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FUZED TRAVEL is a boutique agency specializing in travel management for the entertainment industry. Our service helps establish and maintain your budget for a whole tour. We negotiate with band-friendly hotels to stay within your budget and include extras like comp WiFi and more flexible cancellation policies. At Fuzed Travel, our main goal is to save your band time and money. Contact us to make your next tour hassle-free.

Is your band and crew of 12 people from all over the U.S. trying to arrive in London at the same time? Fuzed Travel specializes in working with flight schedules—we have the tools to do that instantly and we can save you time!  

Have a bus driver that won’t use his credit card at the hotel? At Fuzed Travel, we offer CC Auth services and will have a folio waiting for you in your inbox. This is just one of many additional services we offer.

Fuzed Travel is pleased to be servicing:

Barsuk Records     CMJ

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Mistress of Travel KRISTI GORDON
I started Fuzed Travel to service a niche in the travel industry. I was working at a corporate agency and with everyone going online, it made my job difficult. I knew bands and tour managers always need an agent as tours can be complex. I understand what a touring band needs and wants so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to launch Fuzed Travel. Since starting Fuzed Travel, I have learned the business side of the music industry and I know each tour has a very specific budget. I understand the tour/trailer budget vs the van/trailer budget. I’ve created a diverse agency which works with bands of all budgets. In developing Fuzed Travel, I have made several contacts with band-friendly hotels and I would love to share these and other secrets with you for a highly successful tour.